Taking Care of Your Hunter Douglas Blinds

Taking Care of Your Hunter Douglas Blinds

The right blinds and shades for your windows can transform the entire look of your living space. They can make your rooms go from drab to dapper – and one brand of blinds and shades that does it extremely well is Hunter Douglas.

The brand remains committed to providing beautiful contemporary window treatments that are sleek and elegant. Their products are an epitome of high quality standards and great functionality. You can buy Hunter Douglas blinds in and around Florida from Blinds & Shades by Martha.

The entire collection of Hunter Douglas products comes with a lifetime guarantee. However, to ensure your blinds and shades last long and look great – you’ve got to take care of them. Check out these Hunter Douglas specified cleaning methods:

Dust them: No matter what Hunter Douglas window treatment you use, regular dusting can make them appear as good as new.

Use a hair dryer: Alternatively, you can use a hair dryer to blow away any dust particles that may have deposited on your window treatments. Just make sure you use it on non-heat settings.

Vacuum them: You might want to try this once in two months. Use the brush attachment for a deeper cleaning. Make sure you use a vertical stroke as you vacuum your blinds and shades. If you have Luminette installed in your home, skip the brush attachment.

Try spot cleaning: Use a sponge or soft cloth dipped in lukewarm water to spot-clean your blinds and shades. You can use a mild detergent, if required. Gently blot the fabric – don’t rub – for cleaner, fresh-looking blinds. Don’t spot-clean your Silhouette shades.

Once cleaned, you may find your blinds and shades creased. A steam iron can be used to remove wrinkles from the fabrics. This however, may not be applicable to all fabric types, so always confirm the vendor for product specifications.

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