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Drapery dining room

If you're considering draperies for your Broward County home, there are some things you should know. The first thing to clarify is curtains and drapes are actually not the same thing, even though the terms are commonly used interchangeably.

Although both are made of fabric and cover a window, drapes tend to be heavier fabric and are lined, while curtains are lighter or even sheer. That means drapes have more of an ability to block out light and provide more privacy.

Plus, heavier duty fabrics offer better insulating properties. We offer the finest quality draperies and this helps beautify your home, as well as provide you with the privacy and light control of other types of Broward County window treatments.


Just about every type of window treatment requires some type of hardware, from window blinds to shutters. Draperies are no different and do require drapery hardware.

Some examples of this type of hardware includes:

  • Double-hung Rods

Most commonly used in a standard system that involves a sheer liner and a heavier drape. This enables you to have total darkness and privacy, or open things up to let some light in.

  • Traverse Rods

This hardware is used so the curtains can be placed on hooks and then opened or closed with a pulley system. The strings are then unable to be viewed from the front, if visible at all.

  • Finials

These are the end pieces for rods and are mostly decorative. You can choose whatever look you like and there are often more playful options for kids' rooms as well.

All of this works together to create the completed look for your draperies. It's all about creating the home of your dreams by taking care of finishing touches, like your window treatments.

Blinds & Shades By Martha is dedicated to ensuring that you get the look you always dreamed of for your window coverings. When it comes to draperies for your Broward County home, give our experts a call.

If you are looking for draperies for your south Florida home, give us a call at 954-338-7769 or complete our online consultation form.